The Antiquated Modern Gets Physical ( in a location)

Greetings! Once again it has been far too long since my last missive, but rest assured the gears turn, the work continues, and I plug away on this journey. A few of you may have noticed the rumblings on my Instagram feed as a new venture has finally taken shape in recent weeks, but it is now official:

The Antiquated Modern can be found on the

Brookland Arts Walk in Washington, DC!!

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Cherry Blossoms: A Lesson

A strange winter, 2017. Mild, little precipitation, and a late February swing into the 70s had us thinking early spring. Then the early March cold shoulder followed by the first winter storm of the season that has probably taken out the early blooming cherry blossoms (among many other flora). It is looking like a blossomless Cherry Blossom Festival this year. But even before this current weather event, I learned that my favorite tree in DC, the weeping cherry at the Moon Gate Garden behind the Sackler Gallery has disappeared. 

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PROJECT REPORT: To Be Determined

Gray, blotter paper sky, impossible to tell if it was day or night on this quiet, suburban cul-de-sac. Just a few frames left and the roll would be ready to develop. Throwaway, but from the available scene something about the sweeping branches mimicking the soft raindrops spoke. Camera raised to eye, snap, a few steps to other side, snap, then from below, snap.

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PROJECT REPORT: Block City Chroma Planes

These images are selections from Block City Chroma Planes, a series exploring transition through a combination of color, subject matter and process. I think of these works as collaborations with an anonymous cohort as well as a kind of portrait of them. Color choices made by strangers, mostly in urban, commercial settings, form a basis to extract formal compositions and devise ways to take advantage of the particular qualities of photographic images to create abstractions about the people who made them.

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