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Image courtesy  Jonathan Canlas

Image courtesy Jonathan Canlas

The ways that photography can both aid and alter memory has fascinated artists almost since the invention of the medium in the 19th century. Current digital technology, however, has provided the ability to not only document at a level never before seen, but also curate the presentation of that experience as well and share it globally. Confronted with this tension of an ever-increasing volume of images and a decreasing faith in their authenticity, I seek to slow the process and approach image making meditatively by using a mix of traditional and contemporary media — from film and silver gelatin darkroom prints to digital scanners and inkjet prints to social media platforms.

This site comprises several constantly evolving bodies of work. Unlike many portfolio sites where photographers present finished, or at least well developed, work, for me the site itself is part of the process. Playing with images by mixing and matching, moving things around, and sequencing them, the site functions as a digital blackboard and a way to breach the hybrid analog and digital space of early 21st century photography. In a similar vein, I use social media, particularly Instagram, as both a presentation platform and a way to engage with people and mine data that informs how these projects develop over time. My process generally begins with traditional photographic capture: black and white, color negative, slide and instant film shot in a variety of cameras. But most things end up being translated into the digital realm through scanned negatives or prints which are then digitally edited and enhanced. They are placed online, divided into several overlapping bodies of work, where interaction germinate and various thematic concepts are explored, remixed, or discarded. Eventually images are translated back into analog forms: prints, books, collages, installation pieces, etc. and disseminated into the physical world.

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All images on this site are under copyright and most are available for purchase as tangible objects in one form or another. Some are limited edition silver gelatin prints, and others are available for order as inkjet prints on fine art paper or canvas in a variety of sizes. Both can be purchased with or without matting and framing. Some series are only available as part of limited edition portfolios, and others are available in book forms with additional writings. Please consult the individual artist statement for each category on the “Projects” page, or visit the "Print Shop" link above to see current offerings. Images may also be licensed for use.

Feel free to drop me a line at yuri@yurilongphotography.com or use the form on this page. And thank you for looking.